Xova 180kW Renewable Energy Xova Charger

Xova 180kW Renewable Energy Charging System

The 180kW DC-Fast Renewable Energy Charger is a remarkable charging solution that leverages the power of solar and wind energy to provide an eco-friendly and sustainable charging option. This innovative charger is not only powerful but also represents a significant milestone in the EV charging space, particularly for companies with ambitious net-zero targets. The integration of renewable energy sources into the 180kW DC-Fast Renewable Energy Charger is a testament to its forward-thinking design, providing an environmentally conscious charging option that aligns with the principles of sustainability. This highly sophisticated charging solution is ideally suited for businesses who seek to minimize their carbon footprint and embrace the latest advancements in renewable energy technology.


5 Multi-standard: CCS1, CCS2 Combo, GB/T and CHAdeMO

5 Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G communication

5 Efficiency > 94%.

5 Custom available, easy installation and maintenance.

5 OCPP 1.6 JSON.