30kW Moveable DC-Fast Xova Charger

48AMP Level 2 AC Charging Station

Entry Level DC-Fast Charging Station on wheels! Perfect to move around in a workshop setting. CCS and CHAdeMO configurations available. 7-inch Display, Support for RFID Cards, Wi-Fi and Cellular Connectivity, and Cloud Management.


5 Multi-Standard: CCS1 and CHAdeMO.

5 Network or Standalone Operation.

5 User Authentication.

5 Supports Smart Charging and Load Balancing.

5 Efficiency > 94%. PF

5 Customization Available.

5 7-inch LCD Screen with User Friendly Interface.

5 K10 (Not including screen and RFID module), IP55 , NEMA 3R.

5 OCPP 1.6 JSON (Upgradeable to 2.0).