Xova 360kW DC-Fast Charging System

360kW DC-Fast Charging System

The Xova 360kW DC Fast Charger represents a significant leap forward in charging technology, as it boasts the impressive ability to charge up to four vehicles simultaneously. This is made possible through the inclusion of two highly capable dispensers, each capable of delivering a remarkable 500AMPs of charging power through the CCS1 Liquid Cooled Plugs. The dispensers are equipped with a 7-inch display with either dual CCS1 or CHAdeMO and CCS1 connector options. Additional features including RFID card support, cloud-based management, and cable management.


5 Simultaneously 4 DC charging, up to 360KW per output with liquid-cooled connector

5 Power cabinet supports Pantograph Charging

5 Network or Standalone Operation

5 Multi-standard: CCS, CHAdeMO and GB/T

5 User Authentication

5 Supports Smart Charging and Load Balancing

5 Customization Available