Xova 80AMP Charger


5 Residential and Commercial EV Charging

5 Wired/Wireless Connection for Central Management System

5 Support for RFID Card and QR Code for User Authentication and Management

5 Input: 200Vac~240Vac

5 Modern, Ergonomic and Custom Design. Optional 5-inch LCD Display.

5 Charging Interface: SAE J1772 (Type 1)/IEC 62196-2 (Type 2).

5 OCPP 1.6. JSON (Upgradeable to 2.0).

5 ISO 15118 Protocol.

5 Local Load Management, Making the Field Power Configuration Planning of Charging Stations More Flexible.

5 Over the Air Technology.

80AMP Level 2 AC Charging Station

Fastest Level 2 EV Charger for Commercial applications. 5-inch Display, Support for RFID Cards, QR Code, Cellular Connectivity, Cloud Management, and Cable Management Options.